Saturday, September 5, 2009


I read this quote today at Defending. Contending . The pharisee has a list of do's and dont's but the child of God sees his own wickedness, feels his need for a Saviour, and flees to the cross. We don't need 40 days of purpose, life application topical preaching, or anything else that doesn't address our real problem. We need Christ and Him crucified for our sins.

“Desperately Wicked”

“The heart is desperately wicked” — past cure by human medicine. Learn that you need conversion, or a new heart. When we speak of the necessity of a change to some people, they begin to be affected by it, and so they put away some evil habits, as drinking or swearing or lying, they put these away, and promise never to go back to them. Now they think the work is done, and they are in a fair way for heaven. Alas foolish man! It is not your drinking, or your swearing, or your lying that is desperately wicked — but your heart. You have only been cutting off the streams; the source remains polluted. The heart is as wicked as ever. It is the heart that is incurable. It is a new heart that you need. Nothing less will answer your need. Learn that you must go to Christ for this!

Robert Murray McCheyne

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