Sunday, November 6, 2011

While we're on the subject of Reformed theology...

While we are clarifying what Reformed theology truly encompasses, let's take a moment and look at the practical implications of Calvinism (Reformed Theology) for the believer. Dr. Albert Martin has outlined this for us here.

He quotes B.B. Warfield:

"It lies then, let me repeat, in a profound apprehension of God in His
majesty, with the poignant realisation which inevitably accompanies
this apprehension, of the relation sustained to God by the creature
as such, and particularly by the sinful creature. The Calvinist is the
man who has seen God, and who, having seen God in His glory, is
filled on the one hand with a sense of his own unworthiness to
stand in God’s sight as a creature, and much more as a sinner, and
on the other hand, with adoring wonder that nevertheless this God
is a God who receives sinners. He who believes in God without
reserve and is determined that God shall be God to him in all his
thinking, feeling and willing — in the entire compass of his life
activities, intellectual, moral and spiritual — throughout all his
individual social and religious relations, is, by force of that strictest
of all logic which presides over the outworking of principles into
thought and life, by the very necessity of the case, a Calvinist."

Praise God today for the knowledge that He receives and saves sinners!

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