Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cessationism, Revelation & Prophecy

Over at the SharperIron blog Gary Gilley begins an outline of the five identifiable views on revelation that are prevalent in evangelicalism today.  I can vouch from my own experience that a true cessationist position is not well received by most evangelicals, they truly do think you are putting the Holy Spirit in a box, but aren't really thinking through the implications of what they are really saying.  In reformed circles, the Wayne Grudem continuationist position is very popular, but to me it is illogical and unsustainable biblically.  Read more about his position in Gary's article and you will see what I mean.

Gary starts out this way:

"Despite the fact that the majority of conservative evangelical Christians since the Reformation have held to a cessationist position with regard to divine revelation, true cessationists are rapidly disappearing. In the articles and books I have written nothing has evoked as much criticism and anger as my position that God is speaking to His people today exclusively through Scripture. Due to the influence of a multitude of popular authors, theologians and conference speakers, cessationism is barely treading water, even within the most biblically solid churches and organizations."

Read the rest of his article here:

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