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A review of IndoctriNation, public schools and the decline of Christianity

A review of IndoctriNation:

Publisher's description:

Why a growing number of parents choose not to send their children to public school.
The companion book to the award-winning documentary “IndoctrinNation”, this eye-opening book includes:

  • An unforgettable introduction by a father who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre — “I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God.”
  • 12 common reasons people give not to home school — and the manageable reality of this educational alternative
  • Revealing, firsthand accounts of Christian educators working in public schools — sharing the struggles they face in a hostile system
  • The classroom anti-Christian ideologies from humanism, Marxism, Utopians, educational psychology, and more confronting students in public schools today
Look behind the comfortable myths of an educational system actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Learn the history and philosophy of public school education — and discover it is based on neither Christian nor American values. Explore the biblical principles regarding education — and who is ultimately responsible for our children’s future.

IndoctriNation is a collection of essays addressing the American public school system and the Christian response to it.  It's based on the movie by Colin Gunn & Fernandez and includes essay's by R.C. Sproul Jr., Voddie Baucham Jr., Kevin Swanson, and many more. 

Let me say at the outset of this review that before I read this book my wife was already homeschooling our son, and though we had valid reasons for doing that, I had no idea how ignorant I really was about the American public school system and it's antagonism to Christianity.  To say it bluntly, I was shocked and a bit horrified as I read this book, but thankful that my son was not part of the state school system.

This book is over 300 pages long but don't let the length throw you.  Because, it's a collection of essays it is pretty easy to get through.  One thing I appreciated as I read each essay is that many of the authors included footnotes at the end, so you don't have to take their word for everything, you have resources to investigate for yourself, but let me say, be prepared to be shocked.  I went to public school and I was not prepared for what I learned.

From the father of a victim of the Columbine shooting, teachers who's Christian beliefs brought them into conflict with the state, and others intimately associated with the public school system you will quickly see how this system is openly hostile to the Christian faith, and as you progress through each essay you will be forced to make a choice.  Christians will need to get out their Bibles, pray, and give much thought to how they should respond. 

You will see myths like "adolescence" debunked, and learn of the junk science and real motivation behind ADHD and the epidemic of Ritalin prescription, and begin to see that the two or three hours that your children are exposed each week to Christianity are nothing compared to the large number of hours each week where your children are exposed to Marxism, humanism, relativism, and other anti-Christian ideals.  This book covers the bases and really addresses the public school system from numerous directions.  This book leaves no room for neutrality, you can't sit on the fence after reading this one.

I heartily recommend this book and feel that every Christian parent should read it.  Your children need you to read it, then after reading it, they need you to educate them, not the state.  Strong language?  Perhaps, but this book draws a line in the sand, and plain and simply, there is a battle with your children's hearts and minds at stake. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review.

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