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A review of Calvin on the Christian life by Michael Horton

A review of Calvin on the Christian life by Michael Horton:

Publisher's description:

"John Calvin, a man adored by some and maligned by others, stands as a legendary figure in Christian history. In Calvin on the Christian Life, professor Michael Horton offers us fresh insights into the Reformer’s personal piety and practical theology by allowing Calvin to speak in his own words.
Drawing not only from his Institutes and biblical commentaries, but also from lesser-known tracts, treatises, and letters, this book will deepen your understanding of Calvin’s theology and ministry by exploring the heart of his spiritual life: confident trust and unwavering joy in the sovereign grace of God."

Apart from the study of Scripture, one of the greatest resources available to today's Christian are the writings of the giants of the reformation who have gone before us.  Any time spent with them is time well spent indeed. 

Of course, one of the greatest of these men is John Calvin.  But if you have never read Calvin, where would you start?  What books would you spend your hard earned money on?  That is where this book shines brightly.  Michael Horton gleans from Calvin's writings and give us this book on living the Christian life and in doing so shows us the side of Calvin loved by so many, his passion for godliness and personal piety, a passion he desired to share with others in his preaching and writing.

So for anyone desiring to delve into the writings of Calvin, especially his writings on personal piety and Christian life, Dr. Horton has done all the work for you

The book is divided into four main sections:

Part 1: Living before God
Part 2 Living in God
Part 3: Living in the Body
Part 4: Living in the World

This is not a dry dusty biography or systematic theology, but a warm, theologically dense course on living the Christian life, led by Calvin himself and you will benefit from reading it.

Another strength of this book is it's role as a springboard into reading more of Calvin's work.  I own the Calvin's institutes and his commentaries, but if I didn't, this book would have helped me go deeper into his writings.  As you would think, it is loaded with Calvin quotes and is extensively referenced so it is the perfect platform to start from if you want to read more of Calvin's great works.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for my unbiased review.

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