Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Case for Cessationism

Here is part 2 of Gary Gilley's series on continuationism versus cessationism (I posted a link to part 1 last week).  This week he outlines a case for cessationism.

An excerpt:

"...the question is reduced to this: Is God giving authoritative revelation on par with that which He has given in the past, much of which has been inscripturated, or is He not? If He is, then the church of Christ needs to take note and come into compliance with the modern prophecy movement, following its revelations as it would Scripture. But if the Lord is not revealing His inspired word today, then we need to reject the claims of the modern prophets and expose these supposed revelations for what they are. This means the position taken by most on prophecy—cautious but open—is untenable. The cautious but open crowd is skeptical of the claims coming from the prophetic movement and they are suspicious of the many “words from God” that so many evangelicals are claiming."

Read the rest here:

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